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The Center for American Education and Culture 

17700 Castleton Street, Suite 408 

CIty of Industry, CA 91748 

Pre-program development 

We take into consideration your school's needs, time frame, and program interests. Your input is our top priority in the program developmental stages. In post-program development, we assist garnering interest for parents and students to join.  

Launching the program

Upon arrival, international students will be accompanied with chaperones (1 chaperone per 10 students), who will speak their native language and English. Additionally, our LA Program Director will help the team and host school transition smoothly. 


Our international friends take pride in visiting your school from the moment they arrive till they moment they leave. We will assist in conducting opening and closing ceremonies. The opening ceremony is like a student orientation, while closing ceremonies can vary in spectacular activities such as: performances, project presentation, and certificate distribution. 


CAEC will conduct a post-program discussion in which your participating staff and students will provide feedback. Throughout the year we sustain our partnerships to plan unique and exciting programs. Thereafter, we provide further opportunities for long-term student and teacher/administrator exchange. 

CAEC Provides

nationwide cultural immersion programs for K-12 students. Students with different backgrounds engage with each other, allowing them to gain skills in intercultural communication and become global citizens. We provide short term programs throughout the year, and our programs come in a variety of subjects and activities.

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Summer 2019 Programs:




We pride ourselves in developing customizable and unique short term programs

(1 - 2 weeks) for schools and districts throughout the United States. Contact us today to receive a program introduction packet!